In 1780, sturdy horses carried a small band of United Empire Loyalists away from the war and across the frozen St. Lawrence River to a new life in Upper Canada. It was horses that Alexander Laughlin used to clear the land for his family's farm and for the next five generations. Horses were the power that made the land bountiful.

Robert and Mary Ann McLaughlin represent a new generation working with the most noble of creatures but only for pleasure. After Guelph and a few years working in research, Robert and Mary Ann started their own farm. They grew top quality hay for equine facilities in Ontario and the USA and then decided to build their own stable. Countless weeks were spent checking out other boarding facilities and with the invaluable advice of Dr. Robert Wright (OMAF Equine Specialist) and Dr. Joel Rumney, they felt confident that they could provide a service to be proud of.

Celtic Roots Equestrian is designed and managed to provide a premium equine experience for horse and rider. A place where we encourage riders of all ages and abilities to “Ride for the Moment”. Please contact us and “Live your Dream”.

I always dreamed of riding. I'm fifty, the kids are grown, business is on track and now it's my turn.

Stress melts away like a morning
mist when I'm at the stable.

I'm with my horse almost every day.
He keeps me fit, physically and mentally.

A welcoming nicker and a gentle nuzzle;
a horse is always an honest friend.

Positive attitudes and healthy friendships
make every child a winner.

Adventure beckons when I'm with my best friend.
We don't stop having fun because we are old;
we grow old because we stop having fun.

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